Developing Financial Markets for Enterprises in the Pacific Islands Initiative (DEFINE Initiative).

The objective of the DEFINE Initiative is to contribute to the development of financial markets, products and services for Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)-aligned Enterprises in the Pacific Islands, with the ultimate goal of diversifying their sources of capital and enhancing access to finance.

How do we accomplish this?

The DEFINE Initiative proposes an inventive approach to integrate ICT and novel funding solutions to meet today’s demands by SMEs based in the Pacific Island Countries (PICs).

The DEFINE Initiative targets SDG-aligned enterprises in ICT, agriculture and cleantech sectors and women-led SMEs to ensure the multi-phased support delivers the greatest impact.

By focusing on ICT development, sustainable agriculture, cleantech and more efficient small businesses, the initiative will link these enterprises to a solid financing base from which they can grow and expand. Wider impacts include sound investment and business opportunities for local and regional players.

Phase One will contemplate the merits of a Papua New Guinea-listed investment fund to facilitate capital flow from the public market to SDG-aligned enterprises in the PICs and to concurrently address challenges by providing them with technical assistance services.

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Phases of the DEFINE Initiative

The phases of the DEFINE Initiative include the following:


Undertake a regional study to identify the needs and challenges of SDG-aligned enterprises


Assess the feasibility of a public to private investment fund to address access to finance needs


Implement a proof of concept for selected recommendations with initial roll-out in Papua New Guinea


Expand coverage across the Pacific region in a phased manner


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